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The Affinity Group needs to find yet more space in the trophy cabinet after this year's
NZDMA awards night.

Unity ID was the most awarded agency, receiving 5 Golds and 2 Silvers
for Westpac's Symphony Customer Engagement Programme - the
most recent initiative in their platform of digital innovation.

This incredible result underlines what a great partnership the Affinity Group have
with Westpac and is testament to the hard work and vision from everyone involved.


We craft every
communication from the ground up

As both a digital and creative agency, we craft every aspect of every customer communication – from using data analytics and insights to pinpoint the next best customer conversation through to delivering the right message in the most compelling way possible through the most relevant channel for each customer.

We match real-time
behaviour with relevant conversations

Technology has finally caught up. We’ve always had the idea that real-time customer behaviour could instantaneously influence how you talk to your customers. Today, it’s our reality – blending up-to-the-minute insights with focussed creative, so you can have highly relevant, profitable conversations with your customers.

solutions that are simple to use

While some of the solutions we create are complex in the making, working with us is easy. Intuitive online dashboards feed real-time results to our clients on everything from email open rates and TXT promotion redemptions to the ROI on every marketing dollar spent.

Start more meaningful
conversations with your customers

We help our clients have more engaging, more valuable conversations with customers, progressing towards a dynamic, fully responsive approach, across multiple channels in real time.

We use big data to create

the next best conversation

with customers

Our expertise lies in using data insights and creative to make your
customer relationships more valuable. We use data-driven relevancy
to find the sweet spot when you and your customer both win.

We go beyond simply tracking behaviour, instead layering insights from multiple channels to create a dynamic,
ever-evolving picture of each customer, which is matched with the most relevant message,
delivered through the right channel at the right moment.

highly relevant
ONE-to-one conversations

deliver business results

When it comes to creating value for our clients, we have the results to prove that
personalised conversations provide transformational business results.

Dollar Icon 422 % INCREASE

increase revenue

While today’s marketing dollars are spread more thinly across more channels, we’ve got the stats to prove we can help make every dollar work harder.

Lift ROI
In a service industry, we delivered a 422% return on investment for our client by starting highly relevant one-to-one conversations with customers.

Churn Icon 50 % reduction

reduce churn

These days with lots of ‘me-too’ product and service offerings, it’s more difficult to differentiate your business from the competition, retain customers and meet your churn targets.

No more goodbyes
In a highly competitive service industry, we reduced churn by up to 50% compared to a control group by having one-to-one, highly personalised conversations with customers.

Heart Icon 28 % life

get love

With the rise of digital media, every customer has an online voice – the challenge is giving them great experiences to share that grow brand affinity.

make customers smile
One client in a fast-paced, high turnover commodity industry needed to differentiate itself from aggressive price-driven competitors. We created an ongoing programme that recognised and reflected a customer’s individual preferences and presented relevant offers. We saw a lift of 28% in net promoter scores.

Person Icon 31.9 % open rates

connect one-to-one

In today’s cluttered media landscape, the challenge isn’t to be the loudest – it’s to be the most relevant. See how we helped one client lift customer engagement by starting the next best conversation with customers.

go one-to-one
In a high-turnover commodity industry, we created a highly personalised communication programme that recognised and reflected customers’ individual preferences. The result was a lift in customer engagement with email open rates of 31.9%. That’s 17.6% higher than non-personalised emails sent to their customer base that feature promotional offers.
Source: Epsilon, Q2

Cart Icon 7.5 % INCREASE

stimulate spend

Helping customers understand the value of your product or service isn’t easy when every customer has a unique set of preferences and desires.

more spending
By delivering a personalised communication programme we helped one client increase average spend by a staggering 7.5% each week.

The Proof
our capabilities

We’re a team of marketers, strategists, data analysts, technologists and creatives in Auckland.
Our skillset goes beyond what you’d expect from a digital marketing agency. With our deep expertise in technology,
data and creative we can conceive, create and deliver every communication from end-to-end.

introducing our symphony
application suite

Our Symphony application suite determines the next best conversation to have with each
individual customer and then automatically delivers the right message direct to its target.

To dig a little deeper and discover how our Symphony Application Suite ticks, click on the icons.

Cart Icon symphony


Your secure data fortress

Symphony Data is a secure set of data warehouses providing the backbone of information that constantly feeds into the next best conversation. Symphony Data is dynamic – an ebb and flow of information that feeds into the rest of the Symphony application suite and collects data back, continually adding to the data set.

Cart Icon symphony


Delivering the next best conversation

Symphony Marketing Automation orchestrates and organises messages across channels. It’s the engine room that deciphers the complex web of accumulated data and insights to pinpoint the next best conversation to have with each customer at the right moment, through the most appropriate channel.
This application can map customer journeys across multiple channels and judge the relevancy of individual messages for individual customers based on the information we’ve gleaned about them over time and their predicted behavior.

Cart Icon symphony


Providing the right insights to make the right decisions

Symphony Reporting serves campaign insights directly to our clients’ marketing teams as out-of-the-box, customisable or bespoke reports that are available online, around the clock. Symphony Reporting also gives us campaign insights that influence and shape our communication planning.

Cart Icon symphony


Touchpoints that talk to each other

Every website, microsite, app or digital asset we create is an intelligent touchpoint that recognises what we already know about a customer and asks the right questions to seamlessly fill in the gaps. Data is automatically fed back into the data backbone at the heart of every communication – Symphony Data – and used straight away to influence the next customer conversation.

Cart Icon symphony


Your bird’s eye view

Symphony CRM allows you to see the messages customers are receiving and the conversations they’re having. It’s flexible and accessible. It can plug into existing CRM systems, and can be accessed by call centre staff, retail point of sale staff or relationship managers online, wherever they are.

Cart Icon symphony


Seamlessly connecting your data

Whatever systems you use, we have rock solid tools to bridge any data gaps – easily connecting data from a variety of sources, in many shapes and forms to our
central data hub.